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Epoch-Ellipse Nao

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'In late Egyptian thought, the righteous dead were sometimes said to become the stars, and thus the moon was occasionally seen as having a connection to Osiris, lord of the dead. As a death and resurrection legend, in which evil seeks to destroy a deity, thus bringing darkness, it thus developed an association with the lunar cycle, in which the moon appears to be destroyed by darkness, and is then brought back to life. Thus it later became said that Osiris had been killed by being dismembered into 13 parts, each part representing one of the 13 full moons seen each year (there are roughly 13 lunar months per year). Another interpretation is that the pieces were 14 (they number up to sixteen in some versions) were the phases of a single moon's cycle (one sliver cut off each night for 14 days, then reassembled over the next 14 days—see Janet McCrickard, Eclipse of the Sun, 1990). The original form of Set's murder of Osiris was incorporated into this later version, though it was said that the attempt had failed when Isis and Nepthys found the coffin and rescued it.
Consequently, the story became that before resurrecting Osiris, 
Isis put together 13 of the 14 parts, but was unable to find the 14th, his phallus, which was eaten by the oxyrhynchus fish (a fish with an unusual curved snout resembling depictions of Set). So Isis created a phallus for him, and then attempted to revive him. 

In some versions, Isis sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life. She then took the form of a kite and flew around his body in order to conceive Horus. In other tellings of the story, Isis grows wings and hovers over Osiris. She breathes life into him in order to revive him and conceive Horus. Being simultaneously alive and dead, Osiris became the god and king of the afterlife.'-wiki

'Lost in a Roman Wilderness of Pain; 
and all the children are insane...
waiting for the Summer Rain'
Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

In Kabbalistic cosmology, the Qliphoth are metaphorical “shells” surrounding holiness. 
They are spiritual obstacles receiving their existence from God only in an external, rather than internal manner. Divinity in Judaism connotes revelation of God's true unity, while the shells conceal holiness, as a peel conceals the fruit within. They are therefore synonymous with idolatry, the root of impurity through ascribing false dualism in the Divine, and with the Sitra Achra (סטרא אחרא "Other Side"), the perceived realm opposite to holiness. They emerge in the descending Seder hishtalshelus (Chain of Being) through Tzimtzum (contraction of the Divine Ohr), as part of the purpose of Creation. In this they also have beneficial properties, as peel protects the fruit, restraining the Divine flow from being dissipated. Kabbalah distinguishes between two realms in Qliphoth, the completely impure and the intermediate.

Their four "concentric" terms are derived from Ezekiel's vision (1:4), “And I looked and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and abrightness was about it...” The "Three Impure Qliphoth" (completely Tamei "impure") are read in the first three terms, the intermediate "Shining Qliphah" (Nogah "brightness") is read in the fourth term, mediating as the first covering directly surrounding holiness, and capable of sublimation. In Medieval Kabbalah, the Shechinah is separated in Creation from the Sephirot by man's sin, while in Lurianic Kabbalah Divinity is exiled in the Qliphoth from prior initial Catastrophe in Creation. This causes “Sparks of Holiness” to be exiled in the Qliphoth shells, Jewish Observance with physical objects redeeming mundane Nogah, while the Three Completely Impure Qliphoth are elevated indirectly through Negative prohibitions. Repentance out of Love retrospectively turns sin into virtue, darkness into light. When all the sparks are freed from the Qliphoth, depriving them of their vitality, theMessianic era begins. In Hasidic thought, the kabbalistic scheme of Qliphoth is internalised in psychological experience as self-focus, opposite to holy Deveikut self-nullification, underlying its Panentheistic Monistic view of Qliphoth as the illusionary self-awareness of Creation.
"Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted a mission, and for my sins they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service."

Heart of Darkness

The inscription "I Am Become Death" is written on Animal Mother's helmet...
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 
'Oh Lucy, God Bless'
'I Am Become Death'
This is a quotation from the Bhagavad-Gita, spoken by J. Robert Oppenheimer after the explosion of the first atomic bomb at Alamogordo.

While J. Robert Oppenheimer was in New Mexico experimenting with the bomb, another scientist by the name of Dr. Albert Hoffman was experimenting with another very different kind of bomb, one that would also affect the world quite profoundly. While the A-bomb was being tested so was the first form of LSD. In 1943, Hoffman took his first "hit" and was so dramatically affected, he dedicated his career to further understanding its effect. Finally isolating psilocybin from the mushrooms, he created LSD.

The BABYlon Working

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Private Joker on over….

"Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws"
-Jim Morrison
The scene at the beginning with Captain Willard alone in his hotel room was completely unscripted. Martin Sheen told the shooting crew to just let the cameras roll. Sheen was actually drunk in the scene and punched the mirror which was real glass. Sheen also began sobbing and tried to attack Francis Ford Coppola. The crew was so disturbed by his actions that they wanted to stop shooting, but Coppola wanted to keep the cameras going.

"They gave out free records to the best couple, spades dance best from the hip"
-Jim Morrison

This card is attributed to the letter Peh, which means a mouth; it refers to the planet Mars. In its simplest interpretation it refers to the manifestation of cosmic energy in its grossest form. The picture shows the destruction of existing material by fire. It may be taken as the preface to Atu XX, the Last Judgment, i.e., the Coming of a New Aeon. . . .
At the bottom part of the card, therefore, is shown the destruction of the old-established Aeon by lightning, flames, engines of war. In the right-hand corner are the jaws of Dis, belching flame at the root of the structure. Falling from the tower are broken figures of the garrison. It will be noticed that they have lost their human shape.
They have become mere geometrical expressions.

This suggests another (and totally different) interpretation of the card. To understand this, it is necessary to refer to the doctrines of Yoga, especially those most widely current in Southern India, where the cult of Shiva, the Destroyer, is paramount. Shiva is represented as dancing upon the bodies of his devotees. To understand this is not easy for most western minds. Briefly, the doctrine is that the ultimate reality (which is Perfection) is Nothingness. Hence all manifestations, however glorious, however delightful, are stains. To obtain perfection, all existing things must be annihilated. The destruction of the garrison may therefore be taken to mean their emancipation from the prison of organized life, which was confining them. It was their unwisdom to cling to it. The above should make it clear that magical symbols must always be understood in a double sense, each contradictory of the other. These ideas blend naturally with the higher and deeper significance of the card.

There is a direct reference to this card in the Book of the Law. In Chapter I, verse 57, the goddess Nuith speaks:

“Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mystery of the House of God”.

[For this reason the ancient title, to-day not very intelligible, has been retained. Otherwise, it might have been called War.] (Aleister Crowley quote contributed by Eleleth)

Sound is an evolute of Prakriti  and subject to creation and dissolution. The sound of 
ॐ (Om, also spelled A-U-M) has 4 parts: ओ (A, pronounced as "awe") represents Brahma, the creative aspect of God; ३ (U, pronounced as "oo" in tooth) represents Vishnu, the sustaining energy of God; and म् (M, pronounced as "m" in um) represents Shiva, the destructive energy of God. These 3 energies change according to the cycle of creation and dissolution of the manifest universe, whereas the forth aspect of ॐ, which is the half of the mora 

of Om, represents the eternal, absolute, immutable, transcendent knowledge. It is a sound beyond the three, and is vocalized in the continuing nasal reverberation of the sound Om.

"Daäth—Knowledge—is not a Sephira. It is not on the Tree of Life: that is, there is in reality no such thing.
Of this thesis there are many proofs. The simplest (if not the best) is perhaps as follows:
All knowledge may be expressed in the form S=P
But if so, the idea P is really implicit in S; thus we have learnt nothing.
And, of course, if not so, the statement is simply false.
Now see how we come at once to paradox. For the thought "There is no such thing as knowledge," "Knowledge is a false idea," or however it may be phrased, can be expressed as S=P: it is itself a thing known.
In other words, the attempt to analyse the idea leads immediately to a muddle of the mind.
But this is of the essence of the Occult Wisdom concerning Daäth. For Daäth is the crown of the Ruach, the Intellect; and its place is in the Abyss. That is, it breaks into pieces immediately it is examined.
There is no coherence below the Abyss, or in it; to obtain this, which is one of the chief canons of Truth, we must reach Neschamah... Crowley

"If you stare long enough into the Abyss, 
the Abyss will stare back into you." -Nietzsche

Something in the way...
(Kubrick married this woman:

The girl is introduced by the tavern keeper as "our latest acquisition from the enemy...from Germany, the land of the Hun!" She is "a little pearl washed ashore by the tide of war" who has "a little natural talent" (he gestures over her physical curves) and "she can sing like a bird - she has a throat of gold." Dax recognizes companions of the executed men and is disappointed by their apparent lustful callousness shortly following the death of their own comrades. In front of the raucous troops, the timid and fragile young girl - with tears on her cheeks - begins to sing a ballad - in German. [It is a universally-known folk song of love in war, called "The Faithful Soldier" - (La Treue Hussar (Fr.) or Der treue Hussar (Ger.)).] It is a simple, sweet song that is inaudible until the audience quiets down and listens intently and respectfully to her plaintive voice. Soon, hers is the only voice in the tavern:

(loosely translated, in part) 

A faithful soldier, without fear,
He loved his girl for one whole year,
For one whole year and longer yet,
His love for her, he'd ne'er forget.

This youth to foreign land did roam,
While his true love, fell ill at home.
Sick unto death, she no one heard.
Three days and nights she spoke no word.

And when the youth received the news,
That his dear love, her life may lose,
He left his place and all he had,
To see his love, went this young lad...

He took her in his arms to hold,
She was not warm, forever cold.
Oh quick, oh quick, bring light to me,
Else my love dies, no one will see...

Pallbearers we need two times three,
Six farmhands they are so heavy.
It must be six of soldiers brave,
To carry my love to her grave.

A long black coat, I must now wear.
A sorrow great, is what I bear.
A sorrow great and so much more,
My grief it will end nevermore.

"Eye'm afraid Dave"
Alice's dream as it appears in the original screenplay of Eyes Wide Shut:

'I think it started in my parents house. They weren’t there. I was alone. That surprised me because our wedding was the next day and I didn’t have a wedding dress. Then you and I were floating above a ancient city. It was a kind of crazy mix of ancient architectural styles. Oriental, Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture. And it was completely deserted. The streets were empty–no people, no animals. And I remember thinking, so this is our honeymoon. Then it was night and the sky was so full of stars, and so blue and wide it seemed like it was painted. You said it was the ceiling of our bridal chamber and you took me in your arms and made love to me and said you would love me forever…We made love and it was wonderful, though there was a sadness to it, and a presentment of sorrow. Suddenly it was morning and we were somewhere in the strange city. We were still completely alone. But something terrible had happened–our clothes were gone. I was terrified as I had never been before, and felt such a burning shame that it almost consumed me. At the same time I was furious with you because I thought it was your fault. And this sensation of terror, shame and fury was more intense than any emotion I had ever felt before. You felt guilty and rushed away naked, to go and get clothes for us.

As soon as you were gone I felt wonderful. I neither felt sorry for you, or worried about you. It was heavenly to be alone. I was lying in a lush garden, stretched out naked in the sunlight, and I was far more beautiful than I ever was in reality. And while I lay there, a young man walked out of the woods. He was the young Naval officer I told you about from the hotel. He looked different but I knew it was him. He stopped in front of me and looked at me searchingly. I laughed seductively and wantonly, as I have never laughed in my life, and he held out his arms to me and sank down beside me…
He looked at me…and slowly took me in his arms…and we began making love. I seemed to live through countless days and nights–there was neither time nor space. And the more we made love the more our hunger for each other increased. And just as that earlier feeling of terror and shame went beyond anything I had ever felt, so nothing can be compared with the freedom and happiness and the…desire that I now felt. Then I realized there were other couples around us–hundreds of them, and they too were making love. Then I was making love to the other men, and as soon as my longing was satisfied with one, I wanted another. I can’t say how many I was with. And yet I didn’t for one moment forget you. And all this time, you were buying the most beautiful clothes and jewelery you could find for me.
                                                                                                         Then you were being followed by a crowd of people who were shouting threats. Then you were seized by soldiers, and there were also priests among them. Somebody, a gigantic person, tied your hands. You were still naked. I knew you were going to be crucified but I felt no sympathy for you. I still blamed you for everything that had happened. I felt that I was far removed from you but I knew you could see me naked in the arms of countless men in this sea of nakedness which foamed around me. The soldiers began to whip you and blood flowed down you in streams. I saw it without feeling any surprise or pity. Then you smiled at me as if to show you had fulfilled my wish and bought me everything I wanted. But I thought your actions were ridiculous and I wanted to make fun of you, to laugh in your face. They began to nail you to the cross and I hoped that you would be able to hear my laughter. And so I laughed as shrill and loud as I could. That must have been the laugh that you heard when I woke up.'

"The way things are going, they're gonna crucify me."
Keep your eye on those Towers
"The Moon is a dry blood Beast" -Jim Morrison
Taking the time to reflect on Birth and Death

Death cards were used as a psychological weapon in such conflicts like in Vietnam, but they didn’t work on the NVA. So the idea for this comes from a scene in the Vietnam film “Apocalypse Now”.

“Hey captain, what’s that?
“Death Cards!”
“Death Cards! Lets Charlie know who did this!”

Ace of Spades = Ace of Swords in Tarot

While the Death card is the 13th Major Arcana

The Doors final album while Morrison was alive:
Pictures The Doors with a stone bust of Crowley on the back
This resonates The Beatles (a.k.a the Scarabs) album Sgt. Pepper where Crowley is seen above the grave
(Kurtz added by Eleleth)
(The Great and Powerful Wizard)
Who's flying the hell-icopter?

Revelation 9:9-11
New International Version (NIV)
9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. 11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).
In Crowley's system the Kings have become the Knights, for they are the slaves who have taken the Golden Bough in their hands and challenged the King.
Knight of Swords:
"The Knight of Swords represents the fiery part of Air; he is the wind the storm. He represents the violent power of motion applied to an apparently manageable element. He rules from the 21st degree of Taurus to the 20th degree of Gemini. He is a warrior helmed, and for his crest he bears a revolving wing. Mounted upon a maddened steed, he drives down the Heavens, the Spirit of the Tempest. In one hand is a sword, in the other a poniard. He represents the idea of attack. "
Aleister Crowley
Riders on the Storm

"The Knight of Swords is fire of air, suggestive of a violent wind.  The general divinatory meaning of the card can be summed up in one word - attack. 'The moral qualities of person thus indicated,' Crowley warned, 'are activity and skill, subtlety and cleverness. He is fierce, delicate and courageous but altogether the prey of his idea, which comes to him as an inspiration without reflection'.
Famous Knights of Swords include Baron Münchausen, Arthur Conan Doyle, Pope John Paul II, Malcolm X, Queen Victoria, John Wayne, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, and Cher."
Lon Milo Duquette
(Quote  added by WK23)
"Is that you John Wayne, Is this me?"
-Private Joker
TK421, Why aren't You at Your Post?"
"TK421, do you Copy?"
"We're ALL Riders on the Storm!" -Hunter S. Thompson

"Everybody's someone else's NGR; I know you are, so am I; I wasn't born with enough middle fingers, I don't need to choose a side" -from the Life of Brian (Warner) 

In The Lost Boys…

"Sammy, help me! Open up! Help me! 
Sammy, open the window!" 
I knew it!" 
"I'm not!"
"So what are you, the Flying Nun?" 

The Sun acting through Scorpio upon Venus.  (Nun) is the fish, symbol of Christ dying and resurrecting ï in Death (XIII) is the Victorious (Netzah) Self (Sun).
The Self, through its many emotionally intense deaths and resurrections, becomes victorious in beauty, and beautiful in the victories it overcomes. On a Divine level, the expressions of the Divine incarnation need to die to that realm in order that death be vanquished.


"Why did you throw the Jack of Hearts away? It was the only card in the deck that I had left to play"
 -Jim Morrison
Jack of Hearts = Page of Cups
Ride the Snake

I am the Lizard King

The tale of Osiris becoming fish-like is cognate with the story the Greek shepherd god Pan becoming fish like from the waist down in the same river Nile after being attacked by Typhon (see Capricornus). This attack is part of a generational feud in which both Zeus and Dionysus were dismembered by Typhon, in a similar manner as Osiris is by Set in Egypt. 

"Fuck, they'll make me explain things, shit" -Hunter 

"Where is the wine, the new wine, dying on the vine"
-Jim Morrison

Red Rum (bay gelding; 3 May 1965 - 18 October 1995; sire: Quorum, dam: Mared) was a champion Thoroughbred racehorse who achieved an unmatched historic treble when he won the Grand National in 19731974 and 1977, and also came second in the two intervening years. As well as his unprecedented record in the world-famous steeplechase, a notoriously difficult race that has been referred to as being "the ultimate test of a horse’s courage", Red Rum was also renowned for his remarkable jumping ability (he fell only once in over 100 races).

(Red Rose)
Red Rum's 1973 comeback victory from 30 lengths behind is often considered one of the greatest Grand Nationals in history. In a 2002 UK poll, Red Rum's historic third triumph in the Grand National was voted the 24th greatest sporting moment of all time.

"Eleven years after his death, a survey found he remained the best-known racehorse in the UK. When asked to name an equine animal, Red Rum was named by 45% of Britons, with Black Beauty in second with 33%".
   Back Door Beauty... 
"That's the name of a horse I used to own Ma'am"

"The Question Mark was Emphasized" 

"Don't worry if it doesn't add up, that's Our problem"
                                                                Alice Fears Nothing
In March of l929 the whole trio got kicked out of Paris. Crowley was kicked out for allegedly being a  spy and drug addict. His girlfriend Marie and Regardie got the boot for associating with him. Nor could Regardie enter England for the same reason--he was considered undesirable because of his relationship with Aleister. For awhile he had to remain in Brussels. Eventually Crowley could no longer afford to keep Regardie as his secretary.
In l937 the two men had a big cat fight for reasons far more complicated than can be sorted out on these pages. Regardie apparently was eclipsing his master in successful publications.Regardie sent Crowley a copy of a recent publication and a kind note. Aleister responded by making fun of the name "Francis" which Israel had recently added. Israel then responded with his famous "Dear Alice, You really are a contemptible bitch" letter. Aleister responded with a scurrilous letter about Regardie, accusing him of everything from ingratitude to masturbation. And Aleister sent his letter to all of Regardie's acquaintances! (Ref. Gerald Suster, CROWLEY'S APPRENTICE.)
"Eye'll always be a word man, better than a Bird Man" -Mr Mojo

"I'll be Anne Margret" 
"Sir, Does this mean that Anne Margret is not cumming?" -Private Joker

   Hip Gnosis

Originally, John was going to play both Hedwig and Tommy

  This is Major Tom to Ground Control

George Lucas was originally set to direct "Apocalypse Now" from a screenplay by John Milius. Lucas' initial plan was to shoot the movie as a faux documentary on location in South Vietnam while the war was still in progress. Francis Ford Coppola, who was to be the executive producer, tried to get the film made as part of a production deal with Warner Bros. The deal fell through, and Coppola went on to direct The Godfather. By the time both men were powerful enough to get the film made, Saigon had fallen and Lucas was busy making Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Milius had no interest in directing the film. Lucas gave Coppola his blessing to direct the film himself.
The character played by Harrison Ford wears a name badge that reads "Lucas".
Martin Sheen's character name combines the names of the two eldest sons of Harrison Ford, Benjamin and Willard.

“I could see where things were headed,” Kurtz said. “The toy business began to drive the [Lucasfilm] Empire. It’s a shame. They make three times as much on toys as they do on films. It’s natural to make decisions that protect the toy business, but that’s not the best thing for making quality films.”
He added: “The first film and ‘Empire’ were about story and character, but I could see that George’s priorities were changing.”

EDDIE Let's beat it, man. I don't like it up here. NICK What are ya, scared of heights? EDDIE I dunno. After what happened to Johnny Gobs -- NICK Look, Johnny Gobs got ripped and walked off a roof, all right? No big loss. EDDIE No, man. That ain't what I heard at all. (beat) I heard the BAT got him. NICK The BAT?! Gimme a break, will you, Eddie? EDDIE Five stories, straight down. There was no blood in the body. 

John 6:53-56
New King James Version (NKJV)
53 Then Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. 54 Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. 55 For My flesh is food indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. 56 He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.

Viet Cong also known as VC; the V stood for Victor because of the alphabet the military uses and C stands for Charlie. They started calling them Victor Charlie but after awhile everybody just started to call them Charlie for short

"That's Charlie's Point"

Wes Anderson: [Rushmore] Max's dad is a barber, as was Charlie Brown's & "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz's. Max flies a kite, which Charlie Brown was often seen attempting. Max is seen wearing a winter cap and carrying a plant, similar to a scene with Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas. In the beginning of the "December" sequence in the barber shop, a musical interlude from A Charlie Brown Christmas can be heard playing in the background...
Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree
'In some versions of the myth, Isis sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life. She then took the form of a kite and flew around his body in order to conceive Horus'.

"Later he and Linda Fox went back up on the roof to view the remains of Belial.  But to his surprise he saw not the carcass of a wizened goat-thing; instead he saw what looked like the remains of a great luminous kite that had crashed and lay in ruins all across the roof."
Philip K. Dick, The Divine Invasion
(Quote added by WK23)
(4 above pics contributed by WK23)

In the Documentary on the making of Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig's wig is likened to the Ring of The Lord of the Rings

The W of Wig is pronounced like V

Around the World & Home Again, That's the Sailor's Way...
The Origin of Love is based on Plato's Symposium:
Osiris is not only a merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. He is described as the "Lord of love"

The first lines of HedW(V)ig:
"Don't you know me, Kansas City? 
I'm the new Berlin Wall. 
Try and tear me down! 
I was born on the other side Of a town ripped in two 
I made it over the Great Divide 
Now I'm coming for you Enemies and adversaries 
They try and tear me down You want me, baby, 
I dare you Try and tear me down 
I rose from off of the doctor's slab Like Lazarus from the pit 
Now everyone wants to take a stab And decorate me Blood, graffiti, and spit 
Enemies and adversaries 
They try and tear me down You want me, baby, 
I dare you Try and tear me down. 
On August a wall was erected down the middle of the city of Berlin. The world was divided by a cold war, and the Berlin Wall was the most hated symbol of that 
divide. Reviled, graffiti'd, spit upon. We thought the wall would stand forever. And now that it's gone, we don't know who we are anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, 
Hedwig is like that wall, standing before you in a divide between East and West. Slavery and freedom. Man and woman. Top and bottom. And you can try and tear her down, but before you do, you must remember one thing! Ain't much of a difference Between a bridge and a wall Without me right in the middle, babe Wow!..."
'She Will Take It Back Someday'
'Does anybody here re member Vera Lynn?'

In W(V)illhelm Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism:

"In this, the swastika appears as a symbol of the stormy sky, the diamond as symbol of the fertile soil. Smigorski found the swastika in the form of the East Indian swastika cross as a four-pronged lightning bolt with three points at each prong, as follows: Lichtenberg found swastikas with a head in place of the three points.
The swastika, then, was originally a sexual symbol. In the course of time, it took on diverse meanings, among others that of a mill-wheel, that is, of work. The original emotional identity of work and sexuality explains a finding of Bilmans and Pengerots on the mitre of Saint Thomas à Becket. It is a swastika with the following inscription: „Hail, Earth, mother of man. Grow great in the embrace of God, fruitful to nourish mankind“. Here, fertility is represented sexually as sexual intercourse between Mother Earth and God-Father. According to Zelenin, swastikas, in old Indian language, means cock as well as voluptuary; again an unequivocally sexual meaning of swastika.
A look at the swastikas on page 86 will show them to be a schematic but unmistakable presentation of two intertwined human bodies. The swastika at left represents a sexual act in recumbent position, the one at the right in the standing position. That is, the swastika represents a basic living function.
This effect of the swastika on unconscious emotional life is, of course, not the reason for the success of fascist mass propaganda; but it is a potent stimulant. Random tests with people of either sex and of various ages and social position showed that only very few people failed to recognize the meaning of the swastika; most people recognized it sooner or later. 
It can be safely assumed that this symbol which represents two intertwined bodies is a powerful stimulus to deep-seated emotional strivings
the more powerful the more unsatisfied and sexually longing the individual is. If the symbol, in addition, is presented as the symbol of honor and faithfulness, it is all the more easily accepted because then it also draws in the sex-defensive moralistic tendencies. It would be entirely erroneous to conclude from these findings that one should try to diminish the effectiveness of the symbol by disclosing its sexual meaning. First, we do not want to depreciate the sexual act. Second, the reaction to such an attempt would be mostly negative since the moral disguise would act as a defense against our attempt. The way of sex-economic mental hygiene is different."

Heal the King

(above 3 photos contributed by Eleleth)
'And the Children of the Moon looked like a fork shoved on a spoon'

Hedwig and Tommy:

'Fire shot down from the sky in bolts Like shining blades of a knife And it ripped right through the flesh Of the children Of the sun and the moon and the earth And some lndian god Sewed the wound up into a hole Pulled it round to our bellies To remind us of the price we pay 
And Cyrus... 

Wait, did you sing "the Cyrus"? No, no-- You just sang "the Cyrus" on that recording. The Cyrus, Cyrus. Cyrus the god. There's no god called "Cyrus." It's "Osiris," it's an Egyptian god. - We read that book-- - We had two versions of that song. - We had one version-- - No, we had two versions-- --and you fucked it up! I know. Maybe... maybe we could jam sometime? Maybe we could. ...Was the same as the one down in mine That's the pain that Cuts a straight line down through the heart We called it love'

Cyrus II of Persia (Old Persian Kuruš (c. 600 BC or 576 BC–530 BC), commonly known as Cyrus the Great, also known as Cyrus the Elder, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East, expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Southwest Asia and much of Central Asia, parts of Europe and the Caucasus. From the Mediterranean sea and Hellespont in the west to the Indus River in the east, Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen. He also pronounced one of the first historically important declarations ofhuman rights via the Cyrus Cylinder sometime between 539-530 BCE.

The reign of Cyrus the Great lasted between 29 and 31 years. Cyrus built his empire by conquering first the Median Empire, then theLydian Empire and eventually the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Either before or after Babylon, he led an expedition into central Asia, which resulted in major campaigns that were described as having brought "into subjection every nation without exception". Cyrus did not venture into Egypt, as he himself died in battlefighting the Massagetae along the Syr Darya in December 530 BC...
The name Cyrus is a Latinized form derived from a Greek form of the Old Persian Kūruš. The name and its meaning has been recorded in ancient inscriptions in different languages. The ancient Greek historians Ctesias and Plutarch noted that Cyrus was named from Kuros, the Sun, a concept which has been interpreted as meaning "like the Sun" by noting its relation to the Persian noun for sun, khor, while using -vash as a suffix of likeness. Karl Hoffmann has suggested a translation based on the meaning of an Indo-European-root "to humiliate" and accordingly "Cyrus" means "humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest." In the Persian language and specially in Iran, Cyrus's name is spelled as "کوروش بزرگ" or "Kūrošé Bozorg" which translates to Cyrus the Great. In the Bible, he is known as Koresh (Hebrew: כורש‎)

Splitting the ADAM
CIRUS reactor

CIRUS (Canada India Research Utility Services) is a research reactor at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) in Trombay near MumbaiIndia. CIRUS was supplied byCanada in 1954, but uses heavy water (deuterium) supplied by the United States. It is the second oldest reactor in India. It is modeled on the Canadian Chalk River National Research X-perimental (NRX) reactor.The 40 MW reactor burns natural uranium fuel, while using heavy water as a moderator. It is a tank reactor type with a core size of 3.14 m (H) × 2.67 m (D). It first went critical July 10, 1960.

The reactor is not under IAEA safeguards (which did not exist when the reactor was sold), although Canada stipulated, and the U.S. supply contract for the heavy water explicitly specified, that it only be used for peaceful purposes. Nonetheless, CIRUS has produced some of India's initial weapon plutonium stockpile, as well as the plutonium for India's 1974 Pokhran-I (Codename Smiling Buddha) nuclear test, the country's first nuclear test. At a capacity factor of 50–80%, CIRUS can produce 6.6–10.5 kg of plutonium a year.

CIRUS was shut down in September 1997 for refurbishment and was scheduled to resume operation in 2003. The reactor was brought back into operation two years late in 2005. During refurbishing, a low-temperature vacuum evaporation-based desalination unit was also coupled to the reactor to serve as demonstration of using waste heat from a research reactor for sea desalination. Even if the reactor has a life of twenty more years, India had declared that this reactor would be shut down by 2010 in accordance with the Indo-US nuclear accord reached between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President George W. Bush. The reactor was shut down on 31 December 2010
Vernon Howell filed a petition in California State Superior Court in Pomona on May 15, 1990, to legally change his name "for publicity and business purposes" to David Koresh. On August 28, 1990, Judge Robert Martinez granted the petition.The name Koresh is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for "belly". It is also a transliteration of the Persian name of Cyrus (Modern Persian: کوروش, Kurosh), the Persian king, who allowed the Jews - who had been dispersed throughout Babylonia - by Nebuchadnezzar to return to their homelands. His first name, David, symbolized a lineage directly to the biblical King David, from whom the new messiah would descend. By taking the name of David Koresh, he was "professing himself to be the spiritual descendent of King David, a messianic figure carrying out a divinely commissioned errand."

     Ptah-Seker (who resulted from the identification of Ptah as Seker), who is god of re-incarnation, thus gradually became identified with Osiris, the two becoming Ptah-Seker-Osiris. As the sun is thought to spend the night in the underworld, and subsequently be re-incarnated, as both king of the underworld, and god of reincarnation, Ptah-Seker-Osiris is identified.


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