Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liber Lacerta Rex Rgis

'-What is connection?-When 2 motions, thought to be infinite & mutually exclusive, meet in a moment.-Of Time? -Yes. -Time does not exist. There is no time.-Time is a straight plantation'

-James Douglas Morrison

This work is an interweaving of Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law & Jim Morrison's An American Prayer. Shortly before Jim Morrison died he posed with the other members of The Doors behind this stone bust of Aleister Crowley on a compilation album titled 13. This was not a bootleg.
At one point upon opening The American Night, a collection of Jim's poetry I noticed he had divided his poem An American Prayer up every few lines with a horizontal slash.
On a whim I decided to count these breaks and happened to notice that the 1st section of the Book of the Law was close to the same number, so I decided to insert Morrison's opus one line down into it just to see how it would align; The following was the result. This practice of interweaving texts is not an altogether uncommon practice amongst Kabbalists. It should be noted that the copy of An American Prayer that Morrison privately published contained 40 unpaginated pages, and 37 printed, giving the book a total of 77 pages. Those who study the works of Crowley should appreciate this being the value of OZ, as in liber OZ, as well as the value of Pan, 'the All.' 2 Pillars, established in OZ (Strength)

I am the Lizard King, I can do anything...


1 Crow-ley: Had! The manifestation of Nuit.

Morri-son: The Celebration of the Lizard(*inserted).

2 C: The unveiling of the company of Heaven

M: Do you know the warm progress
under the stars?
Do you know we exist?
Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom?
Have you been born yet
& are you alive?

3 C: Every man and woman is a star 

M: Let's reinvent the gods, all the myths
of the ages
Celebrate symbols form deep elder forests
[Have you forgotten the lessons
of the ancient war]

4 C: Every number is infinite;
there is no difference

M: We need great golden copulations

5 C: Help me, oh warrior of Thebes,
in my unveiling before the Children of men!

M: The Fathers are cackling in the trees of the forrest
our mother is dead in the sea 

6 C: Be thou Hadit, my secret centre,
my heart and my tongue!

M: Do you know we are being led to
slaughters by placid admirals 
& that fat slow generals are getting
obscene on young blood

7 C: Behold!
It is revealed by Aiwass the minister of Hoor-paar-kratt.

M: Do you know we are ruled by T.V.
The moon is a dry blood beast 
Gerilla bands are rolling numbers
in the next block of green vine
amassing for warfare on innocent herdsmen 
who are just dying

8 C: The Khabs is in the Khu,
not the Khu in the Khabs.

M: O great creator of being
grant us one more hour to
preform our art 
& perfect our lives.

9 C: worship then the Khabs,
and behold my light shed over you!

M: The moths & atheists are doubly divine 
& dying
We live, we die
& death not ends it 
Journey we more into the
Cling to life
our passion'd flower
Cling to cunts & cocks
of despair
We got our final vision
by clap 
Columbus' groin got
filled w/ green death 
(I touched her thigh & death smiled)

10 C: Let my servants be few and secret:
they shall rule the many & the known

M: We have assembled inside this ancient
& insane theatre
To propagate our lust for life 
& flee the swarming wisdom
of the streets
The barns are stormed 
The windows kept
& only one of all the rest 
To dance & save us
W/ the divine mockery
of words
Music inflames temperament

11 C: These are fools that men adore;
both their Gods & their men are fools.

M: (When the true King's Murders
are allowed to roam free
a 1000 magicians arise
in the land)

12 C: Come forth, O children, under the stars,
& take your fill of love!

M: Where are the feasts
we were promised?
Where is the wine
The New Wine 
(dying on the vine)

13 C: I am above you and in you.
My ecstasy is in yours.
My joy is to see your joy.

M: resident mockery
give us an hour for magic
We of the purple glove
We of starling flight
& velvet hour
We of arabic pleasures breed
We of sundome & the night.

14 C: Above, the gemm'ed azure is
The naked splendour of Nuit;
She bends in ecstasy to kiss
The secret ardours of Hadit.
The wing'ed globe, the starry blue, Are mine,
O Ankh-af-na-khonsu!

M: Give us a creed
To believe
A night of Lust
Give us trust in
The Night

15 C: Now ye shall know that the chosen priest
& apostle of infinite space
is the prince-priest
the Beast;
and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman
is all power given.
They shall gather my
children into their fold: 
they shall bring the glory
of the stars into the hearts of men.

M: Give of color
hundred hues
a rich Mandala
for me & you

16 C: For he is ever a sun, and she a moon.
But to him is the secret flame,
and to her the stooping starlight.

M: & for your silky
pillowed house
a head, wisdom
& a bed

17 C: But ye are not so chosen.

M: Troubled decree
Resident mockery
has claimed thee

18 C: Burn upon their brows,
o splendrous serpent!

M: We used to believe
in the good old days
We still receive
In little ways.

19 C: O azure-lidded woman,
bend upon them!

M: The Things of Kindness
& unsporting brow
Forget and allow

20 C: The key of the rituals is in the secret word which I have given unto him.

M: Did you know freedom exists
in a school book
Did you know madmen are
running our prison 
w/in a jail, w/in a gaol
w/in a white free protestant

21 C: With the God and the Adorer I am nothing:
they do not see me.
They are as upon the earth;
I am Heaven,
and there is no other God than me,
and my lord Hadit.

M: We're perched headlong
on the edge of boredom
We're reaching for death
on the end of a candle
We're trying for something
That's already found us

22 C: Now, therefore,
I am known to ye by my name Nuit,
and to him by a secret name which I will give him when at last he knoweth me.
Since I am infinite Space,
and the Infinite Stars thereof,
do ye also thus. Bind nothing!
Let there be no
difference made among you between any one thing
& any other thing;
for thereby there cometh hurt.

M: We can invent Kingdoms of our own
grand purple thrones, those chairs of lust
& love we must, in beds of rust.

23 C: But whoso availeth in this,
let him be the chief of all!

M: Steel doors lock in prisoner's screams 
& muzak, AM, rocks their dreams
No black men's pride to hoist the beams
while mocking angels sift what seems

24 C: I am Nuit,
and my word is six and fifty.

M: To be a collage of magazine dust
Scratched on foreheads of walls of trust
This is just jail for those who must
get up in the morning & fight for such

25 C: Divide, add, multiply,
and understand.

M: unstable standards
while weeping maidens
show-off penury & pout
ravings for a mad

26 C: Then saith the prophet and slave of the beauteous one:
Who am I,
and what shall be the sign?
So she answered him,
bending down,
a lambent of blue,
all touching, all penetrant,
her lovely hands upon the black earth,
& her lithe body arched for love,
and her soft feet not hurting
the little flowers:
Thou knowest!
And the sign shall be my ecstasy,
the consciousness of the continuity of existence,
the omnipresence of my body.

M: Wow, I'm sick of doubt
Live in the light of certain

27 C: Then the priest answered & said unto the Queen of Space,
kissing her lovely brows,
and the dew of her light bathing his whole body in a sweet-
smelling perfume of sweat:
O Nuit, continuous one of Heaven,
let it be ever thus;
that men speak not of Thee as One but as None;
and let them speak not of thee at all,
since thou art continuous! 

M: Cruel bindings
The servants have the power 
dog-men & their mean women
Pulling poor blankets over
our sailors
(& where were you in our 
lean hour) 
Milking your mustache?
or grinding a flower?
I'm sick of dour faces
Staring at me from the T.V.
Tower. I want roses in 
my garden bower; dig?
Royal babies, rubies
must now replace aborted
Strangers in the mud
These mutants, blood-meal 
for the plant that's plowed

28 C: None,
breathed the light,
faint and faery,
of the stars,
and two.

M: They are waiting to take us into 
the severed garden
Do you know how pale & wanton thrillful
comes death on a strange hour
unannounced, unplanned for
like a scaring over-friendly guest you've
brought to bed
Death makes angels of us all
& gives us wings 
where we had shoulders
smooth as raven's

29 C: For I am divided for love's sake, for the
chance of union.

M: No more money, no more fancy dress
This other Kingdom seems by far the best 
until its other jaw reveals incest 
& loose obedience to a vegetable law

30 C: This is the creation of the world, that the
pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of
dissolution all.

M: I will not go
Prefer a Feast of Friends 
To the Giant family


31 C: For these fools of men and their woes care
not thou at all! They feel little; what is, is
balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen

M: Great screaming Christ
Lazy Mary will you get up
upon a Sunday morning

32 C: Obey my prophet!
follow out the ordeals of my knowledge 
seek me only!
Then the joys of my love will redeem ye from all pain. 
This is so: I swear it by the vault of my body;
by my sacred heart and tongue; 
by all you can give,
by all I desire of ye all.

M: "The movie will begin in 5 moments" 
The mindless Voice announced
"All those unseated will await 
The next show"

33 C: Then the priest fell into a deep trance or swoon, 
& said to the Queen of Heaven; 
Write unto us the ordeals; write unto us the rituals; 
write unto us the law!

M: We filed slowly, languidly 
into the hall. The auditorium 
was vast, and silent.
As we seated and were darkened 
The Voice continued:

34 C: But she said: the ordeals I write not:
the rituals shall be half known
and half concealed:
the Law is for all.

M: "The program for this evening 
is not new. You have seen 
This entertainment thru & thru.
You've seen your birth, your 
life and death; you might recall 
all of the rest-(did you 
have a good world when you
died?)- enough to base
a movie on?"

35 C: This that thou writest is the threefold 
book of the Law.

M: An iron chuckle rapped our
minds like a fist.

36 C: My scribe Ankh-af-na-khonsu,
the priest of the princes,
shall not in one letter change this book;
but lest there be folly,
he shall comment thereupon by the wisdom of 

M: I'm getting out of here
Where are you going?
To the other side of morning
Please don't chase the clouds
pagodas, temples

37 C: Also the mantras and spells;
the obeah and the wanga;
the work of the wand and the work of the sword;
these he shall learn and teach.

M: Her cunt gripped him
like a warm friendly 

38 C: He must teach;
but he may make severe the ordeals.

M: "It's alright.
All your friends are here."

39 C: The word of the Law is θέλημα.

M: When can I meet them?
"After you've eaten"
I'm not hungry
"O, we meant beaten"

40 C: Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong,
if he look but close into the word.
For there are therein Three Grades,
the Hermit,
and the Lover, 
and the man of Earth.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

M: Silvery stream, silvery scream,
impossible concentration

41 C: The word of Sin is restriction. O man! 
refuse not thy wife, if she will!
O lover, if thou wilt,
There is no bond that can unite the divided but love:
all else is a curse. Accurs'ed!
Accurs'ed be it to the aeons!

M: Here come the comedians
look at them smile
Watch them dance
an indian mile

42 C: Let it be that state of manyhood bound and loathing.
So with thy all;
thou hast no right but to do thy will.

M: Look at them gesture
How aplomb
So to gesture everyone

43 C: Do that, and no other shall say nay.

M: Words dissemble
Words be quick
Words resemble walking sticks

44 C: For pure will, unassuaged of purpose,
delivered from the lust of result,
is every way perfect.

M: Plant them 
They will grow 
Watch them waver so

45 C: The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect 
and not two;
nay, are none!

M: I'll always be 
a word-man
Better than a birdman

46 C: Nothing is a secret key of this law. 
Sixty-one the Jews call it;
I call it eight, eighty, four hundred and eighteen.

M: But I'll charge
Won't get away
w/out lodging a dollar

47 C: But they have half :
unite by thine art
so that all disappear.

M: Shall I say it again
aloud, you get the point
No food w/out fuel's gain

48 C: My prophet is a fool with his
one, one, one;
are not they the Ox,
and none by the book?

M: I'll be, the irish loud
unleashed my beak
at peak of powers

49 C: Abrogate are all rituals,
all ordeals, all words and signs.
Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the East
at the Equinox of the Gods;
and let Asar be with Isa,
who also are one.
But they are not of me.
Let Asar be the adorant,
Isa the sufferer;
Hoor in his secret name and splendor 
is the Lord initiating.

M: O girl, unleash
your worried comb

50 C: There is a word to say about the Hierophantic task.
Behold! there are three ordeals in one,
and it may be given in three ways.
The gross must pass through fire;
let the fine be tried in intellect,
and the lofty chosen ones in the highest.
Thus ye have star & star, system & system;
let not one know well the other!

M: O worried mind

51 C: There are four gates to one palace;
the floor of that palace is of silver and gold;
lapis lazuli and jasper are there;
and all rare scents;
jasmine and rose, and the emblems of death.
Let him stand on the floor of the palace.
Will he not sink?
Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink?
But there are means and means.
Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel;
eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam!
Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where and with whom ye will!
But always unto me.

M: Sin in the fallen
Backwoods by the blind

52 C: If this be not aright;
if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one;
or saying, They are many;
if the ritual be not unto me:
then expect the direful judgements of Ra Hoor Khuit!

M: She smells debt
on my new collar

53 C: This shall regenerate the world,
the little world my sister,
my heart and my tongue,
unto whom I send this kiss.
Also, o scribe and prophet, though thou be of the princes,
it shall not assuage thee nor absolve thee.
But ecstasy be thine and joy of earth:
ever To me! To me!

M: Arrogent prose
Tied in a network of fast quest
Hence the obsession

54 C: Change not as much as the style of a letter;
for behold! thou, o prophet,
shall not behold all these mysteries hidden therein.

M: Its quick to admit 
Fast borrowed rythm
Women came between them

55 C: The child of thy bowls, he shall behold them.

M: Women of the world unite
Make the world safe
For a scandalous life

56 C: Expect him not from the East, nor from the West;
for from no expected house cometh that child.
All words are sacred and all prophets true;
save only that they understand a little;
solve the first half of the equation,
leave the second unattacked.
But thou hast all in the clear light,
and some, though not all,
in the dark.

M: Hee Hee
Cut your throat 
Life is a joke

57 C: Invoke me under the stars!
Love is the law, love under will.
Nor let the fools mistake love;
for there are love and love.
There is the dove, and there is the serpent.
Choose ye well!
He, my prophet, hath chosen,
knowing the law of the fortress,
and the great mystery of the house of God.
All these old letters of my Book are aright;
but צ is not the Star. 
This also is secret: My prophet shall reveal it to the wise. 

M: Your wife's in a moat
The same boat
Here comes the goat

58 C: I give unimaginable joys on earth:
certainty, not faith,
while in life, upon death;
peace unutterable, rest,
nor do I demand aught in sacrifice. 

M: Blood Blood Blood Blood
They're making a joke 
of our universe


59 C: My incense is of resinous woods and gums;
and there is no blood therein:
because of my hair the trees of Eternity.

M: Matchbox
Are you more real than me
I'll burn you, & set you free
Wept bitter tears
Excessive courtesy
I won't forget


60 C: My number is 11,
as all their numbers are with us.
The Five Pointed Star,
with a Circle in the Middle,
& the circle is Red.
My colour is black to the blind,
but blue and gold are seen of the seeing.
Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.

M: A hot sick lava flowed up,
Rustling and bubbling.
The paper face.
Mirror -mask, I love you mirror.

61 C: But to love me is better than all things:
if under the night-stars in the desert thou presently burniest mine incense before me,
invoking me with a pure heart,
and the Serpent flame therein,
thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom.
For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all;
but whoso gives one particle of dust shall lose all in that hour.
Ye shall gather goods and store of women and spices;
ye shall wear rich jewels;
ye shall exceed the nations of the earth in splendour and pride;
but always in the love of me, and so shall you come to my joy.
I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe,
and covered with a rich headdress.
I love you!
I yearn to you!
Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous,
I who am all pleasure and purple,
and drunkenness of the innermost sense,
desire you.
Put on the wings, and arouse the coiled splendour within you:
come unto me.

M: He had been brainwashed for 4 hrs.
The LT. puzzled in again
"ready to talk"
"No sir"- was all he'd say.
Go back to the gym.
Very peaceful

62 C: At all my meetings with you shall the priestess say-
and her eyes shall burn with desire as she stands bare and rejoicing in my secret temple-
To me! To me!
calling forth the flame of the hearts of all in her love-chant.

M: Air base in the desert
looking out venetian blinds
a plane
a desert flower 
cool cartoon

63 C: Sing the rapturous love-song unto me!
Burn to me perfumes!
Wear to me jewels!
Drink to me,
for I love you! I love you!

M: The rest of the World
is reckless and dangerous
Look at the 
Stag films

64 C: I am the blue-lidded daughter of Sunset;
I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky. 


M: A ship leaves port
mean horse of another thicket
wishbone of desire
decry the metal fox

65 C: To me! To me!

M: The End (*inserted)

66: C: The Manifestation of Nuit is at an end.